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Orthotics and its Infinite Benefits

Scientists describe Orthotics as a science which is mainly associated with the functional correction of the skeletal system by manufacturing and designing of ‘orthosis’. Fields like biomechanics, anatomy, pathophysiology and engineering govern this science. Orthotics deal with alignment of body parts with external aide, enable comfortable movement, assist in control of movement of body parts, pain reduction in certain stressed body parts and to help in recovery from fractures and other such problems. Orthotics has also been employed in the field of sports to enhance performance.Metals, elastic, carbon fibers, thermoplasticsand many other kinds of materials are used in the production of orthosis. Foot orthotics is very popular because a large part of the demography generally suffers from problems related with the alignment and positioning of ankles, feet and knees.However, orthotics is a field which is also extended to the hips, spinal cord area, shoulders and arms.

Why Prefer Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics can be very effective in reducing muscle fatigue and can also optimize the performance of the muscle. When parts of the leg are stressed in various ways repeatedly it can lead to the wear and tear of the connective tissues which can cause the bones to become instable. To cope with such problems, foot orthotics is indeed a great solution. a complete range of orthosis are now available in the market to help relieve the individuals who suffer from various kinds of biomechanical problems. Individuals who are obese or are involved in sports can gain significantly by using foot orthotics.

Foot problems are a problem that is faced by a lot of people on a daily basis. Most of these problems are progressive in nature and are capable of developing into other problems. An early diagnosis and use of the correct feet orthotics to reposition, correct or align your feet can result in complete recovery from the problem and also prevent aggravating of feet related problems. If the patient suffers from plantar fasciitis, i.e., swelling of the arch of the feet because of excessive stress on this part, then, along with other treatments, using a pair of orthotics will help rectify this problem. Read More...

Orthotic insoles for foot pain and other complaints

One of the most common types of pain is that of the feet and heels. Our feet pain more than the rest of the body because they have to bear our body weight most of the time. Foot pain that is superficial can be treated easily; however, pain that is internal could be a cause of attention. At such times it is best to see a podiatrist and seek medical assistance. If you are unable to walk normally due to the pain, you end up putting pressure on other parts of the body. This can cause further damage as the rest of the body is not designed to support your body weight.

When podiatrists examine your foot they mostly suggest physiotherapy, because issues like muscle or joint pain can be healed with regular physiotherapy. Once you start physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will advise you to wear orthotics or foot insole. Orthotics are extremely helpful in easing pain and avoid the extra pressure that comes on your foot and lower limbs.

The Role of Orthotics in Relieving Foot Pain

Orthotics are superficial gear that modify the physical structure and provide support to the skeletal limbs. They work as shock absorbers when they are worn as foot orthotics. They support the appropriate alignment of the feet. Foot orthotics are remedial foot insoles that are worn inside the shoe in a way that they support the arch of your foot. They realign the lower legs, heels and ankles. As per studies almost 95% of foot pain and conditions like shin splits, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, Achilles tendon etc can be managed by wearing foot insoles. Read More...

Treating Plantar Fasciitis: Know Your Options

Plantar fasciitis (heel pain) is a musculoskeletal condition and one of the most common and painful foot problems today. It is mostly common in athletes, but it is rapidly affecting other people as well, especially those of the 40 – 70 yrs age bracket. This condition is brought about by the inflammation of the plantar fascia, the tissue that connects the heel bones to the toes (at the bottom of the foot). If you usually experience pain at the bottom of the foot with your first steps in the morning (or after a period of rest), you probably have this condition.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that starts with slight discomfort and graduates to immobilizing pain if it is not addressed. As painful and uncomfortable as this condition is, there is good news: it can be treated. There are various treatment options available for all stages of the condition. Read More...

Achilles Tendonitis involves pain in the back of the heel

The Achilles Tendon is the thickest tendon of the human body, and the most crucial for facilitating mobility. It is situated at the back of the leg, and connects the calf muscles with the heel bone. Particularly in the case of athletes and marathon runners who have to train for extremely long durations, the Achilles Tendon often tends to get inflamed or swollen. This is characterized by intense pain in the back of the heel, and is known as Achilles Tendonitis.

Why Achilles Tendonitis is so common with runners?

The reason why Achilles Tendonitis is so common with runners, is because runners tend to overuse their feet while intensive training, and therefore are much more prone to foot injuries and heel spurs in particular. Especially in cases where lunging and jumping is involved, the chances of a partial tear or inflammation developing in this tendon are fairly high. This is exactly why Achilles Tendonitis is also referred to as an ‘overuse injury’, and consider the strategic location and nature of the Achilles Tendon, a spur, inflammation or tear once developed, takes a lot of time to get fully cured. Read More...

Heel pain, a common foot condition

What causes heel pain?

Heel pain is a common foot condition that affects people from all ages. Many have suffered this condition at some point of their lives, and good news is that it rarely leads to more severe health complications. However, it does cause trouble with everyday activities, and depending on the situation the pain can be quite severe.

Heel pain is usually experienced as a throbbing sensation on the back and/or bottom of the heel. This pain is often more severe after a long time without standing, like in the morning when we get out of bed, or after a while sitting or lying down. Accordingly, the pain tends to relief after we spend some time walking around. Read More...

How Insoles Help Treat Heel and Foot Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Heel pain is among the most common foot problems. This pain can manifest in different degrees from mild discomfort to excruciating pain depending on the severity of the condition. The location of the pain also determines the exact condition. When the pain is under the heel, the condition is referred to as Plantar Fasciitis, when it is just behind the heel; it is known as Achilles tendonitis.

Heel pain can sometimes be severe and disabling, though it can be treated. In most cases, mild heel pain disappears on its own, although there are reported cases of chronic pain that persists for a long time. Sometimes this pain is caused by mechanical issues that stress the muscles, tendons and bones when going about daily duties. Heel pain can also be caused by other problems such as trauma, neurological issues, arthritis and systemic issues. Read More...

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